23 November 2009


Well exciting news!! I am recently engaged, as of November 20, 2009!

My boyfriend and I went on a short trip, just to get away from work and school, as it has been stressing me out so much lately. We went to Vancouver with a plan to shop on Robson, and stayed in the Sutton, which is a really nice 5 star hotel.

The night we got there we ended up going out for dinner to a beautiful restaurant right down town, where he proposed!

I have decided to post about my wedding planning as I think it will help me get some ideas. Please leave any suggestions or comments, as I of course have never done this before :)

I will go into more details and post pics later!!


Anonymous said...

Congrats on your engagement!!!

p.s. I was going to follow your blog, but can't find a link to do that!

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