21 January 2010

Cover Girl Last Blast Length Review

Let me start this by saying I absolutely love Cover Girl’s Lash Blast mascara. I usually purchase this or Revlon’s Fabulash, and both work great for a “false eyelash” type of look, without actually wearing falsies.

I recently went to my local drugstore and saw that Cover Girl now has Lash Blast as a lengthening mascara. I’ve only ever tried one type of lengthening mascara before, and it was by Mary Kay. This was awesome. It gave me a bit of fullness, and a lot of length. I figured since CG has been so good as of recent as well, that the lash blast lengthening would be great too.

I brought this home and tried it, and was really disappointed :( The mascara itself was very dry, and not much applied to the brush without REALLY swirling and pumping the handle. It also made my eyelashes quite long, but they were very skinny and had no fullness whatsoever. I know it does not promise to make your lashes anything but long, but they appeared very brittle, and in all I was quite unhappy. I used this 3 days in a row before throwing it out, and will be going back to my regular lash blast mascara.

Length – 8/10

Fullness – 2/10

Overall Look – 4/10


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