08 January 2010

First Award!!!

Yayy, I got my first blog award! I recieved this from A chocolate lover's confessions!

I am passing this on to:

Christin @ A Classy Southern Bride - She has also been so sweet to make me a new header for my blog so watch for that soon as well!!

Little Spoon @ Little Spoon + Big Spoon

Jeana @ My Dream Ring


Anonymous said...

Thanks, chicka! Hope you like it when it's finished. Enjoy your weekend! I sure am... I'm 3 glasses of wine in! :)

Anonymous said...

Aw thank you so much...I'll get busy re-posting!

Risley said...

aw! thanks!

Little Spoon said...

Thanks, lady! That's very sweet :) Hope you are having a lovely weekend!

christi said...

congrats!!! i'm one glass in ... have a great night! =)

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