19 April 2010

Garden weddings & Receptions

I met with my mom this weekend to try dresses and talk about wedding plans. We had a great time and I would post pictures of the dresses I like, but in case my fiancé reads this post, I can't chance him seeing the dress!

We had planned on going to las Vegas for our wedding and reception as that is what my fiancé really wants to do. My mom had a great idea though to have a smaller group go to Vegas and to have a large reception in thier backyard when we return. My parents have a very large yard that would be perfect for setting up tents and having an afternoon reception.

I haven't decided if i want to do this, but I am liking the idea so far. Is anyone else having an outdoor wedding and reception? If so, where are you doing it?


misssarahlou said...

I plan to get married outside in England... I have picked the place I want to get married but not booked it yet...we are moving back to England (from Canada) this year so we are waiting until we get settled back in England before proceeding with the wedding planning but here is the link for the place I want, we will have the wedding ceremony and reception outside... I cant wait. http://pinchinthorpehall.co.uk/index.html

Anonymous said...

I am! Praying for no rain! Mine is at Alda's Magnolia Hill in Arkansas...see this site:


Little Spoon said...

I think that is a fabulous idea! We are getting married outside (weather permitting) at a historic Southern mansion. Our reception will be inside, however, as there is a reception hall on the grounds.

Tents are a good idea too! Always plan for the weather :)

Kas said...

Those sound like such nice wedding ideas ladies!! I really love being surrounded by flowers outside in a nice garden!

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