07 July 2011

The first half of the week's accomplishments

Hi everyone,

My husband and I are progressing forward in our dance classes, and as of a few weeks ago we started learning the quickstep. I am absolutely loving this dance as I pretty much love everything from earlier half of the 1900's. If you are unaware of what Quickstep looks like, here's a video:

I also picked up a ton of Scentbugs for my house this weekend:

These little guys are from Bath and Body Works, and you purchase any fragrance oil you like to go with them. They come with three little pads you can use for different scents, and you can purchase more at B&BW if you need more. I have them scattered all over my house because they work so well! By the way, I also discovered this cute little guy when I was searching Scentbugs... so cute! I'll have to come back at halloween to see if they are around again.


Monique {Oh Darling Bride} said...

Hi Kas, Thanks for visiting my blog :)It's lovely to meet another newly-wed girl who blogs:) Well done for learning to dance the quick step! My husband took dance lessons before our wedding. We learnt the rumba. I so enjoyed it. Enjoy the rest of your weekend :)

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