14 December 2009

Living Nativity & Wild Lights

OK So,

I totally missed the living nativity this weekend! I am so bummed about it.

My fiancé plays in our church’s worship band, and when I went to see him yesterday, all of the living nativity was set up. There was hay and sheep and everything looked so well done! They weren’t conducting the play until later that evening, and I meant to come back, and we ended up getting caught up with the realtor and it totally slipped our minds.

Next year I suppose!

Although when we go home to my parent’s for Christmas, we will definitely be going to see the wildlights… Check out their awesome displays!

Wild Lights


Little Spoon said...

Hi Kas! Thanks for visiting our blog. I have searched the Rue La La site upside down and the only info I can find is a customer service telephone # for US only customers. I'm going to call them tomorrow and ask about Canadian memberships. I'll update you soon!

- N

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