15 December 2009

New Place

Ya ya ya, we closed on our place!! I am so stoked! We will not get to move in till next year, but I can't wait! It is so crazy to think that now we are engaged, own a place together, and are getting married soon!

Here are some pics of it from the listing:


Juliana said...

Sweet! Congrats!!!

Miss Kriss said...

Yaaay! Your new place looks absolutely fabulous! Congratulations!

Natalie said...

Congrats!! the place looks lovely :)

Little Spoon said...

Hi Kas! I found this out today. It seems strange that they would let you sign up but you wouldn't be able to conviently buy anything. I'm sorry!

This is the information I was emailed about international members:

"I am so sorry to hear that your friend is unable to join at this time. Although we only ship within the United States and only accept credit cards with a billing address located inside the U.S., we do not prohibit international customers from joining. I hope that your friend is able to join. " - Rue La La Concierge

Little Spoon said...

PS. Congrats on closing on your new home!!

Kas said...

Darn! Thanks alot though for looking into it for me! Hopefully they will open up to Canadians soon!

Risley and Dylan said...

so pretty!
cute blog!

Melissa said...

Very cute place!

Congrats on your new place and your engagement!


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