16 December 2009

Running Around

Well today was totally hectic! My fiance and I ran around all day trying to get everything sorted out for the mortgage. We spent time at the bank, the realtor's office, both of our works to print out everything we need, and now we are just crashing!! Ha! It will be worth it in the end though. So much stress, gees.

We are also on a strict budget as of yesterday. Our mortgage broker advised us not to touch our bank accounts at all until our mortgage goes through, so we are not eating out for dinner for the next few days, boo! We usually eat out a LOT.. but eating at home should definately help me with my diet! :)

Help me out girls.. what are some good healthy, quick, make at home meals that don't cost too much?


Peach Bellini Bride said...

I'm also trying to eat at home a lot more to save money/obey my diet! I'm eating a lot of grilled chicken, rice, and veggies. Do you have a slow cooker? If not you should think about investing in one (after the mortgage goes through of course-ha!) its just so easy to load it in the morning and come home to a meal that makes the house smell so good!

Kas said...

I DO have a slow cooker! I love it! I usually make chicken or pork chops in it, but I have also made lasagne. Fiance's mom bought us a slow cooker cook book last year... I think maybe it is time to pull it back out!

Risley and Dylan said...

I love to stir fry veggies and bake chicken!

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