17 December 2009

Christmas Plans

This year our Christmas plans are going to stay with my parents for a few days until Boxing Day, and then heading to visit my fiance's mom for a few days.

We live in a different city than my parents and his parents, so it will be a lot of driving, but that is half the fun!

My sister will also be coming home for Christmas as well, and I am very excited to see her as she is my MOH. She helped plan my engagement, and we are very close, so that will be great. I know she's gone to some home shows and seen some displays set up by wedding planners, so she is coming home with all of the brochures, pictures, magazines, etc. My mom also hasn't seen my ring yet as she lives a few hours away, so that will be so exciting!

Gifts - My fiance and I aren't buying gifts for each other this year other than stocking stuffers, as we have purchased our first place. I also JUST got my engagement ring last month, so that is so much I have gotten from him already, and I don't think he could top that gift :)

What is everyone's christmas plans? I am counting down the days until I get off of work! Only 5 more days!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you will be busy!!! hope you have a great time! I'm staying in Memphis and the beau's parents are coming in town. I just love the holidays and spending time with family!

Charlotte said...

I am so jealous you got to celebrate Boxing Day! I have some friends in London and I was so jealous listening to their plans!! Hope you had fun!!


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