18 February 2010

Damaged Hair....

I am a huge lover of damaging my hair to an extent in order to make it Volumized!

This time though, it seems like I've gone way too far. I had my stylist bleach and tone blonde into my hair, which was almost black before. It was really good at first, but has gradually gotten more split ends and has started breaking off :(

I've tried doing deep conditions but it didn't really help. Any advice? I am thinking I may have to give up my curling iron for awhile. Boo..


Jessica said...

oooh girl. depending on the volume of the developer your stylist used, it may have done some pretty nasty damage to your hair. stay away from heat for about a week, keep on the conditioning, and DO NOT TEASE your hair. so horrible. remember when brushing/combing to start at the bottom and work your way up. avoid hair sprays and volumizing sprays to prevent drying. if you're still noticing a lot of breakage, go back to your stylist and ask them to trim up those ends so they don't keep working their way up!


Anonymous said...

Hello! I am a friend of Mrs EyeCanSee and saw your blog on her site! I am going through the same thing with my hair ahhh! I feel like it used to be nice and thick and the more I highlight it the more it breaks off, and now everyday I ask my husband if I am going bald lol! I have a hair appt tomorrow and I am going to get some advice. I will let you know what I find out :) Love your blog! If you like celeb pics and gossip check out mine at http://brookesbits.blogspot.com !

Kas said...

Grr I hate damaged hair! I dyed my hair dark again, so I don't need to rebleach when my roots grow out. I am going in Saturday for a HUGE trim :( :(

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