17 February 2010

Online Shopping

This may seem like such a strange question.. but when online shopping, have you girls ever returned anything?

I've purchased a lot of items online, but have always been unsure on what to do if you get an item that doesn't fit quite right, or you just plain don't like it. It's not like you can try the item on in the store's dressing room, so I've always made a point of not taking risks with online clothing stores.

Can you just return the item and pay the shipping? Or does the store pay to have it shipped back?

I feel so behind the times! Ha ha.


Anonymous said...

Unless otherwise stated the customer usually pays shipping. Hope that helps!

Anonymous said...

Almost all web sites take returns within 30 days. Some even offer free return shipping. Just be careful with things on sale, sometimes you can't return them.

Stylestance said...

I've found that a few retailers will reimburse your shipping costs when you send back an item, but many don't. So it could actually cost money to return an item (which just doesn't seem fair!)

I like ordering from websites that have an actual store; in most cases, you can just take a return back to the store, even if you ordered it online. I know that Old Navy, Target, J Crew and many others do this. Hope this helps! :)

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