16 February 2010

Wedding Party

This weekend my fiance and I picked out who we'd like to ask to be in our wedding party. We have decided on 4 people for each of us, and I am SO excited for the result we have come up with.

I've decided on two of my close girlfriends, my sister, and my fiance's sister. The only thing is that 3 of these girls are from out of town, so we will have to work extra hard on planning and organizing events.

Luckily for my fiance, all of his groomsmen will be from our city except for one.

For the girls who are planning or have already married.. any advice on planning wedding events with people from out of town?

Also.. any creative ideas on how to ask people to be in your wedding party?

Any good gift ideas for the party? We were thinking of engraved flasks for the groomsmen, but I haven't come up with anything super exciting for the ladies!


Risley said...

yeah! the hard part is over! I had an out of town wedding so everyone had to get hotel rooms, travel and take a day off work. So for my girls I bought there dresses($120) and Tiffany and Co. braceletts
($170). I have seen also at weddings jewlery, spa days for after the wedding or monogramed bags.

Anonymous said...

Three of my bridesmaids are out of town... I took the ones I could visit out to lunch and gave them a sweet card that said "Will you be my bridesmaid?" As for the 5th one who is across the country, I mailed her a letter. She said she cried and called me immediately after she read it. Hope that helps!

Anonymous said...

Hey I know you said your BMs live out of town so you would have to mail it if you did what I did, but if you click on the link below you can see how I asked my bridesmaids....


Good Luck with your decision!

Kas said...

Thanks great ideas! I really love the tiffany bracelet idea. I know my girls would LOVE those - they are all really girly girls.

I also wish I would have thought of giving them cards to ask!

asj said...

This post is a little older so I'm guessing you've already asked your girls. For the planning part, all of my bridal party lives out of state! I do lots of emailing and we're getting together for a girls weekend in two weeks and are going to look for dresses when we're all together. Ask for input individually this helps!

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