15 February 2010


We went out for a really nice dinner last night for Valentines. Originally we weren't going to get each other much except dinner and dessert, but I ended up purchasing him a gift bag with:

- The movie Public Enemies
- Popcorn
- Candy
- M&Ms

For a date night in a bag!!

When we went to the restaurant he also surprised me by dropping off earlier a beautiful boquet of flowers, which the waitress brought out to me :)

Here is the outfit I wore: (I also had a little jacket with fur that I wore over top. I forgot to photograph it! Oops..)

We also did some planning on who we would like for our wedding party, and talked a bit about some wedding ideas. I feel so lucky to be planning a wedding with my best friend!!


Risley said...

sounds like a great night!

Anonymous said...

Cute dress!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fun Vday with your love! How sweet that he dropped off flowers beforehand for a surprise! GL wedding planning!

Kas said...


We are speaking to some people tonight about being in our wedding :D

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