05 February 2010

New Look!

Whoo, I finally have the internet again!!

In our move, we haven't had internet until last night, so I am so glad to be able to get online again.

First things first, you may have noticed my gorge new banner at the top! This was made for me by Christin at A Classy Southern Bride. She is the best, and was so sweet to make this up for me. Check out her blog, she's got a lot of really great wedding and fashion related ideas!

So my reading update for January - I only did 5 books, not exactly what I was hoping for but considering the move, not too bad either. I half read 2 books in the last week of Jan, so I am going to consider them for my Feb total. I am currently reading The Truth About Lord Stoneville by Sabrina Jeffries, and it is SO cute. She is one my favorite author, and always writes such nice light stories. I definately encourage people to check out her books! Perfect poolside reading...

Speaking of poolside, I could really go for a vacation somewhere hot! I am tired of the cold weather. It's been about 5 degrees Celcius here on average the last little while. That is actually pretty warm for Canada this time of year, so I suppose I should consider myself lucky :P

Anyways, I have so much more to catch up on.. I will post more tomorrow!!



Ali said...

WELCOME BACK! I love the banner- too cute!!!!

Kas said...

Thank you! It is so good to be able to check out my blogs again :)

Anonymous said...

Glad you're back and like your header! :)

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