08 August 2010

The end of school... for now...

I just wrote my last exam of summer classes this afternoon! I am so excited. I was going quite hard with school, which was at the expense of my social life because I had full time class as well as full time work.

I feel like I have so many plans coming up related to my wedding. I'm only taking one class in September, and then going to take the January semester off so that I can thoroughly enjoy every step of my wedding planning.

We booked our wedding for February 22 2011 in the Mayan Riviera!

To do:

- Order and send invitations for the wedding. Save the dates are already done. Anyone have recommendations on places that are great for ordering invitations?

- Find bridesmaid dresses! I went to Seattle the other day to try to find some, but I couldn't find any. I am picturing yellow or blue strapless dresses that are quite loose.

- Buy some new bathing suits for the wedding/honeymoon from the Victoria's secret sale. I need to watch for this one! I also want to pick up some of their cute bridal accessories and clothes. 

- Plan the reception back home. This is at the bottom of my list right now.

- Diet and work out! I ordered my wedding dress a bit small so that I can motivate myself into it, ha! It fits right now just fine, but it will be PERFECT when I can get back to my goal weight. Right now I am watching my white carbs, sugar and diary, so hopefully I have some good results.

That is all I can think of for right now... More later!


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