22 August 2010

Mc Donalds, New Place..

I am not sure if this is new everywhere, but I've recently noticed McDonald's in Canada has these really good looking Southwest Chicken Salads. Has anyone tried these? They look awesome! I also noticed they come with a lime to squeeze over the salad in place of dressing. That would definitely cut down on calories. I am going to get one (maybe for dinner..) and let you know what I thought!

On another note, as I posted earlier, I bought my first place in December and moved in in February. Since moving, both my fiance and myself have really missed our last building and neighborhood. He is very into real estate, and keeps up with what is for sale for what prices in our city. He recently came across a listing that is in our price range in our old building, and so we are going to go take a look at it tonight. I am really excited, but don't want to get my hopes up too much, as now it is contingent on this place selling and many other factors, so we shall see.

Also, next Saturday my mom will be coming to visit to pick out her mother of the bride dress for our wedding! Any recommendations on how the motb dress should look in relation to the bridesmaids? Should it be similar or does this matter?

Anyway hope everyone's weekend has been going good!



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