19 July 2011

Jewelry Party!

Tonight I went to one of my friend's houses, as she was hosting a Silpada party. Although I'd heard of Silpada before and my sister and mom own some of their jewelry, I had never been to a party or purchased any before.

The party was set up similar to a Mary Kay or Tupperware party, except the product being sold was jewelry.

The products were all so gorgeous! I really had a tough time deciding which one to choose.

I ended up purchasing a sterling silver bracelet with swarovski crystals in between the silver beads. It's really great quality and I feel that it will match quite well with a lot of outfits. I don't have it yet - it has to be ordered and mailed to me, but I'll post a photo of it as soon as it arrives.

Has anyone else purchased Silpada merchandise? I would love to see what else is popular!


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