22 July 2011

Happy 5 Month Anniversary!

Hi All,

Today is the five month anniversary of my wedding. I am so happy and blessed to be able to be married to my best friend!

We try not to go too overboard on our month anniversaries, as it would add up so quickly, but I don't like letting them slip by without a little something.

This month I made a big batch of my husband's favorite chocolate chip cookies for our anniversary. He's currently at work and doesn't know that they'll be waiting for him when he gets home, but I know that he'll love them.

I made such a big batch that I ran out of cookie sheets for the oven and had to put some overflow onto an oven sheet meant for pizza.

I also got to use for the first time my new electric mixer. My mom purchased it for me and I absolutely love it. It is an Oster electric hand mixer with a retractable cord and a 250 watt motor. Makes mixing  dough so much easier!

Hope everyone has a great weekend,


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