27 November 2011

Ballroom Dance

As I have mentioned previously, my husband and I are ballroom dancers. We absolutely love this activity, and practice 4-5 times per week. We also have 2 classes a week.

A lot of people in real life ask me how we got started dancing, as a lot of women want to dance, but their partner does not want to, so I figured I’d explain here.

We were in the position in the beginning where we disagreed on an important matter concerning dance. My husband and I became engaged in 2009, and we knew we wanted to have a nice reception. I am big on traditions, and having a first dance is one of the biggest ones! My husband is a drummer in a rock band, so he understands music perfectly, but did not know how to dance. 
Because he didn’t know, he didn’t want to have a first dance at our wedding.

At that point, I signed us both up for ballroom lessons. Once we began, we both realized how much his drumming helped him to pick out the tempo of the music, and he had a natural ability to dance. We advanced really quickly, and have been pushed ahead to a class several years ahead of us, due to the amount of work we’ve put in.

I highly recommend ballroom dancing to anyone who is even vaguely interested! It is such a good workout, especially faster dances like Quickstep or Cha Cha. Dancing with your spouse is also a guaranteed date night, and it’s a great way to connect with the other person.  It’s become so popular due to Dancing With The Stars, and almost everyone who hears that we do it wants to know more. If anyone has questions about it let me know. I’d be more than happy to answer anything.


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